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The Bluetti EB240 has 2,400 Watt Hours of battery storage and a 1,000 watt pure sine inverter making it one of the best solar generators in it's class. It's LG Li-ion battery cells and duel charging capabilities (AC and Solar Panels) make this thing an absolute beast. Perfect for full time RV living, van life and any emergency back up situation. 

The Bluetti EB240 solar generator has one of (if not) the biggest battery's on the market coming in at 2,400 watt hours meaning this thing can power a 150 watt fridge for 16+ hours and lights, electronics, and more for 100's of hours!

What Can The Bluetti 2400 Solar Generator Power?

The Bluetti EB240 is perfect for a weekend trip or as a home backup system.  With its fast recharge time, you can top up the Bluetti before you take off on your weekend trip or you can leave it plugged in at the house to keep your most important things running during a power outage. 

  • Refrigerator* (150 watts): 16+ hours
  • Smartphones (5-7 watts): 400+ hours
  • Tablets (25-40 watts): 80+ hours
  • Laptops (50 watts): 48+ hours
  • Electric Blanket (Queen Size, 75 watts): 32 hours
  • 50" LED LCD TV* (65 watts) : 37 hours
  • Microwave (1,000 watts): 2+ hours
  • Basecamp LED Light (6 watts) : 400 hours
  • CPAP Machine (30 watts): 80+ hours

Bluetti EB240 Solar Generators Features:

  • Batter Capacity: 2400Wh 
  • Battery: LG Li-ion battery cell
  • AC Input: 7.9*0.9mm DC, 42V/160W      
  • OCV 16V~60V /MAX.10A 
  • AC Output: 110V, Max.1000W
  • Car Port: DC 12V/9A 
  • USB Ports: 1*PD 45W USB-C (5-20V), 4*5V,3A USB-A
  • Solar Charge Mode: MPPT    
  • Efficiency: 99.5%
  • Size:19.4*6.5*14.4inch
  • Weight: 48.5lb

The Bluetti solar generator is a new generation of portable solar power stations.  It has been designed as a competitor to the Inergy Kodiak Solar generator (now called the Inergy Apex) and the Goal Zero Yeti Solar Generators.  The Bluetti is a fantastic option for any van life enthusiast or person who spends long periods of time in a mobile living situation like an RV, Skoolie or boat.

How to recharge your Bluetti EB240 Solar Generator:

The recommended solar input for the Bluetti is 400 watts at 12 Volts.  This will fully recharge your unit in around 6 hours of ideal sunlight.  Though your Bluetti is rated for 500 watts, its hard to get that exactly right and you can risk damaging the unit if you input too high a voltage or amperage. 

Your Bluetti will also come with MC4 connectors so you will be able to attach your current solar panels to the unit without needed to buy new panels.  

What's Included with your Bluetti EB240 Solar Generator:

  • 1 x Bluetti EB240 2,400wH Solar Generator / Portable Power Station
  • 1 x AC wall charger for charging from the wall
  • 1 x MC4 Solar Panel Connector for connecting your solar panels
  • 1 x 1 Year Warranty Certificate
  • 1 x User & Setup Manual

2,400wH Battery & 1000 Watt Pure Sine Power Inverter:

Again, with 2,400 Watt Hours of battery storage and a 1,000 watt pure sine inverter the Bluetti EB240 solar generator is the perfect all-in-one off-grid solar power system in a box. Just add solar panels and away you go. We recommend anywhere from 200 watts - 400 watts of solar for recharging the Bluetti. The Bluetti EB240 solar generator is top of it's class and comes with an extremely reasonable price tag which is why it has quickly become one of the hottest solar generators on the market.

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