Zamp Solar 100-Watt Flexi Roof Mount Kit

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ZampSKU: ZS-100F-30A-DX-1

Kit: Lead Kit
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The Zamp Solar® ZS-100F-30A-DX Deluxe Kit offers a flexible solar panel with high-efficiency SunPower solar cells, 30 Amp 5-stage digital PWM solar charge controller and dual self-resetting circuit breakers. It can safely flex slightly to be mounted on RV, camper or boat with curved roofs. Avoid too much flexing that can cause micro-cracks. Expandable up to 510-watts, the solar kit will charge any 12-volt battery bank, including lithium. It provides 100-watt power output at 5.62 Amps. LCD display indicates charging status (Soft, Bulk, Absorption, Equalization and Float Charges) and battery condition.

The ZS-100F-30A-DX roof mounted RV solar kit includes a 45.5"x21.5"x0.5" (4.65 lbs) flexible solar panel, solar charge controller, circuit breakers, UV rated 3-port roof cap and pre-assembled flexible UV rated wiring harness with SAE leads. US manufactured. 5-Year Output Warranty.

Only a half an inch thick, our 100-watt Flexi kit discreetly powers your off-grid adventures. This kit can expand up to 510-watts and charges any kind of 12 volt battery, including lithium. Though the panel does flex, we recommend flexing it as minimally as possible to avoid microcracking.


100-Watt Flexi Kit Includes:

  • 30-Amp, 5-stage dual battery PWM charge controller

  • Pre-assembled wiring harness

  • 3-port roof cap (ready for future expansions!)

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