Zamp Solar 15 Amp Obsidian Integration Kit

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Zamp Solar 15 Amp Obsidian Integration Kit

Complete your off-grid solar setup by connecting your panel to your battery with one of our easy-to-install Integration Kits (minimal tools required). This 15-AMP digital charge controller can handle systems up to 270 watts and is compatible with Lithium and Lead-Acid Batteries.

Kit Includes:

  • 15-Amp Digital Charge Controller

    • Safe to use - will not overcharge the battery

    • Smart charging - 5-stage charger

    • Automatically turns on and off

    • Surface mount, mounting screws included

  • 2-Port Solar Roof Cap:

    • Plug any Zamp Solar panel directly into cap

    • Easily expandable

    • Comes with mounting hardware and gasket

  • Solar Wiring Harness:

    • Pre-terminated for fast installation

    • 15ft Roof Cap to Charge Controller wire

    • 10ft Charge Controller to battery wire (fused)

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